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Crispy Freeze Dried Mango

Crispy Freeze Dried Mango

Freeze Dried Mango

Product "Thong Muan" is what we call Crispy Coconut Rolls in Thailand. It's a traditional snack made from coconut milk, water, sugar and salt. And it looks very much like crispy roll snack, but with aromatic coconut milk as a Thai snack signature. Moreover, there are quite a variety of flavors to offer.
Supplier There are more than 10 qualified suppliers in Thai market, who produce these Crispy Coconut Rolls. Each suppliers have their own secret recipe, and needless to say, the tastes vary by different suppliers.
Market Opportunities With the right product selection and working with the right supplier, you can introduce this Crispy Coconut Snack in your country. Start with one or a few flavors as a pilot, to figure which marketing channel and how it works best to get the target customers whether retail or wholesale.
Crispy Freeze Dried Mango
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