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Fruit Snacks

Thailand are well known for tropical fruits. Each type of fruits are delivered to local markets in their harvesting seasons, but when out of season, chances are other kinds of fruits just reach the market. So Thai markets are never short of fresh fruits, and still plenty amount always left to create something tasty, convenient to enjoy on the go,  and importantly to prolong its shelf life. And that's how Thai fruit snacks were born. Fruit Snacks can be made with whole fruits or just to use its fruit flavor.

We have a  collection of amazing Thai fruits that transform into wonderful snacks featuring coconut snack, banana snack, durian snack, jackfruit snack, longan snack, mango snack, mangosteen snack, pinapple snack, strawberry snack, tamarind snack, tomato snack.

Name in Thai: สตรอเบอร์รี่อบแห้งและฟรีซดราย Brand: 9 Brands
Healthy & Delicious Freeze Dried Strawberry from ThailandHealthy and delicious , freeze dried strawberry is crispy fruit snack almost the same color, flavor and nutrients as its original.  Frozen freeze-dried method preserves the fruit for long term without preservatives or additives...
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Name in Thai: มะพร้าวอบแห้ง Brand: 14 Brands
Crispy Toasted Coconut ChipsToasted sliced coconut meat with simple ingredients or seasoning like sugar and salts,  this crispy coconut chips are healthy snack rich in fiber.  While most of Thai brands are made from mature coconuts, some brands even try to differentiate their products usin..
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Name in Thai: ทองม้วน Brand: 11 Brands
Crispy golden brown texture, Coconut Rolls are made using fresh coconut milk as a main ingredients.  And the ingredient is also the key to make this delicious exotic snacks. To be precise, fresher of natural coconut milk is the secret of the better taste. Traditionally, it flavorsome white sesa..
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Name in Thai: มะม่วงฟริซดราย Brand: 14 Brands
Naturally sweet with a bit of sour in taste, mango is a tropical fruit with soft juicy texture to offer delicious flavor. The freeze dried version is crispy by nature, yet still have the nutrients just as the fresh ones would offer.  So it allows you to get this healthy-fruit-turned-snack all y..
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Name in Thai: ลำไยอบแห้ง Brand: 17 Brands
Longan harvesting is usually during July to September. A large portion of the fresh longan shall be prepared for dried longan, which is the most typical processed longan in Thailand. It is also considered a snack from longan that can be eaten all year round. Traditionally dehydrated longan can ..
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Name in Thai: มะม่วงอบแห้ง Brand: 17 Brands
Delicious Dehydrated or Dried Mango from ThailandSolar drying become a fairly common technique for many fruit preservation in Thailand, including  for mango.  At the peak of ripeness,  mangoes are peeled and cut into bite sizes and sun dried or baked dried.  And it can prolong it..
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Name in Thai: มะเขือเทศอบแห้ง Brand: 7 Brands
Dried Healthy Tomato Snack from Thailand.Two common  processes to get preserved dried tomatoes for a longer shelf life are solar dried and oven dried.Ripe tomatoes are pre-treated with salt or certain food agent to improve the quality of the ripe tomatoes.  And to get them dried, it takes ..
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Name in Thai: ทุเรียนอัดเม็ด/ นมอัดเม็ดรสทุเรียน Brand: 11 Brands
Durian Tablets are made from compressed spray dried durian powder.  Thanks to spray drying tecnology, Durian powder retains original Durian taste just like natural fresh Durian. And so does Durian Tablets.  Good thing is it's not as smelly as fresh Durians,  but you still get the heav..
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Name in Thai: ทุเรียนฟรีซดราย Brand: 13 Brands
From premium grade Monthong Durians to freeze dried crispy snacks, freeze dried technologies remove the moisture out of the fruits, and help them remain its taste, smell, color and nutritional values without any additives, preservatives nor chemicals needed in the process.  Varied by raw materi..
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Name in Thai: ผลไม้รวมอบแห้ง Brand: 12 Brands
A variety of mixed fruits in Thailand usually consists of  a number of popular tropical fruits such as banana, jackfruit, pineapple, coconut, durian etc.  Or it presents something different such as mixed berries.  Many things in one convenient packing, resulting in unique flavor and c..
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Name in Thai: สับปะรดอบแห้ง Brand: 15 Brands
Dehydrating pineapple is not only a way to preserve and prolong its shelf life, but also to create a fantastic healthy snack.And while baked dried is the most common for the dehydration,  you can find other method such as solar dried or vacuum fried as an alternative. Varied by each brands, the..
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Name in Thai: ขนุนอบแห้งหรือฟรีซดราย Brand: 14 Brands
Crispy, crunchy and natural sweet Jackfruit chips made from fully mature golden yellowish color, yet unripe fresh Jackfruit, a tropical fruit grew  throughout Thailand. Jackfruit chips are processed with deep frying or baking process until it becomes golden brown and crisp. Some of our selected..
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