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GLENDEE Coconut Chips

GLENDEE Coconut Chips

GLENDEE Coconut Chips are certainly for coconut lovers.

After the coconut flakes are soaked with flavor it is dehydrated at a low temperature until light and crispy. So it can be enjoyed all year round. It's distributed all over Thailand and exported to many countries worldwide.

  1. GLENDEE Coconut Chips - 40 g
  2. GLENDEE Coconut Chips, Dark Choco - 40 g
  3. GLENDEE Coconut Chips, Honey - 40 g
  4. GLENDEE Coconut Chips, Sea Salt Caramel - 40 g
GLENDEE Coconut Chips
  • Group: Healthy Snacks
  • Brand: GLENDEE
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • MOQ: Mix 2,000 THB
  • Name in Thai: เกลนดี้
Product Views: 217
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  • 🐱: Real coconut flakes with flavors

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