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Fruit Products

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Dried Coconut PREMIUM

Dried Coconut

GMP & Halal Certified

Sole Distributor Wanted

We serve high quality of Thai dried fruits, durian, mango, mangosteen, logan with durian and coconut..

$1.40 Ex Tax: $1.40

Fresh Aromatic Coconuts from Thailand

Frozen with 3 Weeks Shelf Life

Fresh Aromatic Coconuts from ThailandThai fruits are well known as one of valuable unique of fruits ..

$6.56 Ex Tax: $6.56

Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Mixed with Thai Fruits and Cashew Nuts New PREMIUM

Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Mixed with Thai Fruits and Cashew Nuts

Low Cholesterol & Sodium

Sole Distributor Wanted

Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Mixed with Thai Fruits and Cashew NutsRice snack made from Thai jasmine rice..

$67.44 Ex Tax: $67.44

100% Natural Coconut Juice

Fresh & Organic. 

1 Carton: 1 carton x 32 pcsShelf Life: 12 monthsIngredient: 100% Coconut WaterAbout t..

$55.39 Ex Tax: $55.39

Aromatic Coconut Drink

Sweet with Fragrance

Aromatic coconut drink from Thailand. Refreshing and sweet.  Packed in 9 pcs per carton...

$9.99 Ex Tax: $9.99

Aromatic Coconut with Easy Opener

30-60 days shelf life

100% aromatic coconut from Thailand with easy opener, export grade. Shelf life 30-60 days. ..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Baked Crispy Coconut Chip

Naturally Sweet & Delicious

Scrumptious 100% crispy coconut chips, naturally sweet from coconut meat and rich in health benefits..

$37.46 Ex Tax: $37.46

Banana Choco Ball Yummygrand

Healthy & Delicious

Banana Choco Ball Yummygrand Banana Choco Ball Brand Yummaygrand. Made from selected banana, so..

$80.86 Ex Tax: $80.86

Cavendish Banana

Fresh from Farm

Cavendish Banana fresh from farm ..

$12.49 Ex Tax: $12.49

Coconut Chip


Product: Dried coconut chips from Thailand. Non GMO. Shelf life 12-18 months ..

$7.81 Ex Tax: $7.81

Crispy Mango

Low Fat and High Fiber

1 Carton: 40 boxes X 50 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Mango 98%, Oil 2%About the Product..

$66.14 Ex Tax: $66.14

Deep Fried Crispy Durian

Premium Fruit Snack

Premium deep fried crispy Durian made from selected quality Durian from eastern part of Thailand. Cr..

$138.93 Ex Tax: $138.93

Deep fried crispy durian made from 100% Monthong durian.

Crispy and Delicious

Deep fried crispy Durian made from 100% Monthong durian. Natural durian taste. Crispy and Delic..

$37.46 Ex Tax: $37.46

Dehydrated Choke Anan Mango

Sweet & Sour Without Sugar

Dehydrated Choke Anan mango is golden mango with sweet and sour without sugar. Shelf Life 1 year...

$89.92 Ex Tax: $89.92

Dehydrated Fruits from Thailand

No Preservatives

Dried fruit and snack from Thailand. Quality selected tropical fruit to dehydrated fruits snack you ..

$4.68 Ex Tax: $4.68