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FRUIT MANIA, World Famous Dried Fruits

FRUIT MANIA, World Famous Dried Fruits

While most of Thai fruit snacs are taking the  advantages from quality tropical fruits avaialble locally, FRUIT MANIA takes the opposite approach.  They focus on imported quality and well known fruits from their best origin countries. For instance,  Jumbo Size Golden Raisins, Cranberries and Prunes are Imported from Chili. Kiwi, Red Dates, Dated from other countries. These fruits are quality selected with high nutirious. No Artificial Color.

  1. FRUIT MANIA, Pitted Red Dates - 60 g
  2. FRUIT MANIA, Mix of Raisins & Cranberries - 30 g
  3. FRUIT MANIA, Pitted Deglet Nour Dates - 30 g
  4. FRUIT MANIA, Dehydrated Kiwi - 38 g
  5. FRUIT MANIA, Dried Cranberries - 30 g
  6. FRUIT MANIA, Golden Raisins - 30 g
  7. FRUIT MANIA, Pitted Prunes - 30 g
FRUIT MANIA, World Famous Dried Fruits
  • From: Wholesaler
  • Brand: FRUIT MANIA,
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Name in Thai: ฟรุ๊ตมาเนีย
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