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Flour-Based Baked Snacks

Delicious flour-base baked snacks selected from numerous items and brands in Thailand to present you the top-selling brands from Crackers, Biscuits, Crispy Coconut Roll, Cookies, Thai Mini Cookies etc. One advantage of made-in-Thailand baked snacks is that you will always have a number of tropical aromatic flavors to choose such as Mango, Pandan Leave, Coconut Milk and salted egg infused with biscuits and cookies,  making it uniquely delicious.

Name in Thai: แครกเกอร์ และบิสกิต Brand: 12 Brands
Crunchy and Delicious Crackers and Biscuits from ThailandQuick crunchy bread made typically from baking ingredients like flour and milk.  The flavors are the result of putting a variety of seasoning from salt, herbs, seeds, cheese or seasoning powder. Some brands also offer nutrition-added from..
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Name in Thai: คุกกี้ Brand: 15 Brands
Find all types of made-in-Thailand both soft and crunchy cookies, from fruit jam cookies, macadamia and nut cookies,  cereal, oat and multi grain cookies, butter cookies, chocolate chips.  These are the top-selling and mind-blowingly delicious from qualified Thai suppliers. Export quality ..
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Name in Thai: กูลิโกะ Brand: 18 Items
With its own factory located at vicinity of Bangkok, Glico is a big name biscuit snack and you can find it in most, if not all, of convenient stores in Thailand.  Most of Glico snacks has lasted in nation for generations.  For instance,  Glico Pocky, a timelessly delicious baked stick..
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Name in Thai: ขนมผิง Brand: 11 Brands
Called 'Khanom Ping' in Thai, Coconut Mini Cookies is made with tapioca starch, egg yolk and Pandan leaf to give it Thai aromatic scent. Tapioca mini cookies are aromatic and crunchy mini-sized round cookies and  ready to crumble and melt in your mouth into coconut creamy hardly resistible.Glut..
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Name in Thai: เวเฟอร์ Brand: 12 Brands
If you ever try wafer with typical flavors such as cream or chocolate so often that it feels ordinary, you might like to try wafer with one of a kind tropical Thai flavors that will leave you everything, but a happy delicious. These tempting flavors including Mango, Salted Egg, Pandan leave and Coco..
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