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FITNE’, Healthy Drink with 100% Natural Herbs

FITNE’, Healthy Drink with 100% Natural Herbs

Made from 100% natural herbs, FITNE’ is a healthy drink using stevia leaves instead of sugar. Fragrant, sweet, and easy to drink before bedtime.

  1. FITNE’, Herbal Infusion - 40 g
  2. FITNE’, Herbal Infusion Chrysanthemum - 37.5 g
  3. FITNE’, Herbal Infusion Green Tea - 70.5 g
  4. FITNE’, Herbal Infusion Strawberry - 25.8 g

    FITNE’, Healthy Drink with 100% Natural Herbs
    • Group: 7-11 Drinks
    • Brand: FITNE’
    • Shelf Life: 36 months
    • Name in Thai: ฟิตเน่
    Product Views: 420
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    • 🐱: Suitable for healthy and scent of aroma lover

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