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Facial Skin Care

Quality skin care products from Thailand featuring whitening cream, sunblock, serum, day cream, night cream, anti-aging, soap and more offering from brand owners and manufacturers at wholesale prices with volume discounts, especially for export market.

Brand: 13 Brands
Quality aloe vera soothing gel from Thai qualified suppliers.Clear soft and smooth, Aloe vera enriched gel works as a protective barrier to help not only to retain moisture of the skin, but it also  perfectly protect skin from sun light, harsh heat of infrared rays as well as sooth irritated sk..
Brand: 11 Brands
Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil from Thailand, from many qualified Thai suppliers.With abundance coconut plantations available in the country, Thailand has been producing one of the best and highest quality  cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Extracted via centrifugal separation technique, this l..
Brand: Multi Brands
Spring Lotion Mali is basically used as a foundation before make up. It is used as Skin Primer. Makes skin super soft. This spring Lotion provides a protection layer for the skin to protect from the effect of heavy makeup...
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