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Durian Snack

Crispy Durian is made either from deep fried or freeze dried durian. And perhaps they need no further introduction, especially for durian lovers. But there are more for durian snacks worth to explore.  And we have a nice selection of durian snacks made with export quality including durian paste, durian tablet, durian candies and other snack with durian flavors.

Name in Thai: ทุเรียนอัดเม็ด/ นมอัดเม็ดรสทุเรียน Brand: 11 Brands
Durian Tablets are made from compressed spray dried durian powder.  Thanks to spray drying tecnology, Durian powder retains original Durian taste just like natural fresh Durian. And so does Durian Tablets.  Good thing is it's not as smelly as fresh Durians,  but you still get the heav..
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Name in Thai: ทุเรียนฟรีซดราย Brand: 13 Brands
From premium grade Monthong Durians to freeze dried crispy snacks, freeze dried technologies remove the moisture out of the fruits, and help them remain its taste, smell, color and nutritional values without any additives, preservatives nor chemicals needed in the process.  Varied by raw materi..
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Name in Thai: ทุเรียนทอด Brand: 15 Brands
Crispy Fried durian is a tradition Thai way for durian preservation. And it's one of a very popular Fruit snack of the nation, even for those who are not a big fan of durian. And it is available in most of the souvenir shops virtually in every province of Thailand. These durian chips are basically m..
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Name in Thai: ลูกอมและทอฟฟี่ทุเรียน Brand: 14 Brands
Creamy,savory and sweet, durian has a strange and unique flavors, which can blow many people away. And for that matter, durian candies and toffees have that exclusive taste, either very similar or durian twist.  This candy is full of rich aroma and flavor of real durian, allow you to cherish th..
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Name in Thai: ทุเรียนกวน Brand: 13 Brands
If you are unfamiliar with Durian, then Durian paste will leave you with real amazement.Called 'Thurian Guan' in Thai, durian paste or durian cake is preserved durian made  from fully ripe durian stirred over a low heat until it turns thickened paste.Durian paste can be made from any varieties ..
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Name in Thai: ขนมอื่นๆจากทุเรียนหรือรสทุเรียน Brand: 16 Brands
Durian is one of the most Love-Hate debates fruits.  While some people love it especially for its pleasantly sweet fragrance,  others simply dislike its unpleasant odor. Love or hate it, Durian flavors are very popular in Thailand.  In fact, its flavor is commonly infused with aromati..
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