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By: Distributor or Trader Brand: BEELLE
Cold pressed 100% virgin coconut oil. Perfect for skincare and haircare. It can be used for other health benefits including oil pulling and reduces cholesterol levels and accelerate metabolism and weight control...
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: thai handmade by kanyawarn
Woven products by local artisans featuring bags, mats, boxes and baskets made from local material from the south of Thailand. It's strong while present the charming texture of the material. Every piece is handcrafted with experienced artisans. ..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: COLLAFACE
Collagen maintains moisture and restores the structure of the skin and helps reduce wrinkles. Amino acids are anti-aging treatments that treat skin from premature aging. Blue color restores food and cleanses the skin. Tighten pores that are too large Sodium alginate From seaweed helps to moisturiz..
Gift-Me Collagen Peptide with Vitamin C & Q10
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: THAI SMILE INTERFOODS CO., LTD.
Gift-Me Collagen Peptide with Vitamin C &  Q 10 is dietary supplement for soft and clear skin.Rich with antioxidants, it helps Stimulate collagent for skin youthfulness.Salmon Collagen PeptideL-Gluta thioneAlpha lipoic acidCoenzyme Q10Vitamin C..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: LEATIN
Efficacy after continuous use of Leatin for 30 days - Fungal infections of the heel and nails disappear - Itching and peeling of the skin is reduced. -Nice smell - No sweat on feet - Stretch marks on the heel disappear - Helps to move comfortably. - The heel has a skin that is smoother, softe..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: neohairlotion
Neo Hair Natural Serum for Hair GrowthEasy Steps to Regrow Your Hairs: 1. Use your fingers rub in the area needed for hair growth 6-7 times for skin cell stimulation. 2. Apply spray in the morning, evening and before bed time. No need to wash away the spray.After spray, rub roughly on scal..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: Green wealth
Made from Cantaloupe and ginseng extract, Neo Hair Natural Serum for Hair Growth. Very easy to use and not sticky. See results in 1-3 bottles...
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: Thai Herbals
Organic Herbal Shampoo for Hair Loss and Hair growth made from organically grown natural ingredients including butterfly pea and BergamotHighlights Benefits: reduce dandruffprevent hair loss Reduce Gray hairrelieve itchy scalpstrengthens the hair roots ..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: Dream Export Co.,Ltd.
Black garlic is a type of aged garlic which is suggested to be browned by the Maillard reaction rather than caramelized, first used as a food ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is made by curing whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks ( 30-90 days). The curing process described as a type..
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: Aglaea Essential
Butterfly pea power is 100% Natural (No artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives). It contains antioxidant agents which decelerate wrinkles, improve brain, stimulate blood circulation, reduce heart disease and blood clot risks, improve eyesight and reduce blood sugar level...
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: Thaiwis Creation
This crispy rice snack made from 100% Luempua black rice presenting in four favorite flavors including cheese, seaweed, BBQ, and Tom Yum Kung, It's awarded as "Thai Rice Innovation" by the Thai Rice Foundation & National Innovation Agency, so quality guaranteed...
By: Distributor or Trader Brand: NINE NANA
Dehydrated Dragon Fruit or Pitaya made from 100% real fruit. No sugar added...
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