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When it comes to Thai snack preference, snacks made from a variety of Thai fruits are often on top of mind particularly for most foreigners. But there are more to discover. With abundance of ingredients and raw material locally available, Thai snacks are created from all sorts of food ingredients including vegetable, seafood, meat, honey, rice,  grain, nuts, beans, seeds and so forth. As a result, you can find numerous Thai snacks rich in different flavors, texture and aromatic scent.

Name in Thai: สตรอเบอร์รี่อบแห้งและฟรีซดราย Brand: 9 Brands
Healthy & Delicious Freeze Dried Strawberry from ThailandHealthy and delicious , freeze dried strawberry is crispy fruit snack almost the same color, flavor and nutrients as its original.  Frozen freeze-dried method preserves the fruit for long term without preservatives or additives...
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Name in Thai: ถั่วปากอ้า Brand: 8 Brands
Roasted and Fried Broad Bean Snack from ThailandRich in nutrition and protein, roasted or fried broad beans (Fava beans)  can get seasoned for a variety of flavors, including salty, spicy, savory and anything in combination to create a zesty and healthy bean snack...
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Name in Thai: มะม่วงหิมพานต์อบหรือทอดหลากรส Brand: 15 Brands
Cashew Nuts Snacks in Assorted Delicious Flavors from ThailandAffordable and popular among locals and tourists alike, cashew nut snacks from Thailand are made by a few different cooking methods including baking, roasting and frying. With raw materials available all year round, there are many brands ..
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Name in Thai: ขนมธัญพืชอัดแท่ง Brand: 11 Brands
Cereal bars or granola bars are healthy snack between meals.  The snack bars can be filled with a variety of cereals depending on the recipes such as rices, oats, nuts, flax seed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc.  It's chewy, crunchy and naturally sweet with honey or sugar. Cereal b..
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Name in Thai: ถั่วลิสงเคลือบหลากรส Brand: 10 Brands
Coated Peanut in Assorted FlavorsThe crunchy coated peanuts are great snacks made in many cultures around the world.  So there are plenty of recipes to make this roasted nut amazing flavors. In Thailand alone, you can find a wide variety of coated peanut flavors including coconut milk, BBQ, chi..
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Name in Thai: แครกเกอร์ และบิสกิต Brand: 12 Brands
Crunchy and Delicious Crackers and Biscuits from ThailandQuick crunchy bread made typically from baking ingredients like flour and milk.  The flavors are the result of putting a variety of seasoning from salt, herbs, seeds, cheese or seasoning powder. Some brands also offer nutrition-added from..
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Name in Thai: มะพร้าวอบแห้ง Brand: 14 Brands
Crispy Toasted Coconut ChipsToasted sliced coconut meat with simple ingredients or seasoning like sugar and salts,  this crispy coconut chips are healthy snack rich in fiber.  While most of Thai brands are made from mature coconuts, some brands even try to differentiate their products usin..
Name in Thai: หนังปลาทอดหรืออบกรอบ Brand: 11 Brands
Fish skin chips can be found at some Asean restaurants as an appetizer or snack.  And some Asean countries like Hong Kong or Singapore are eating them more often than not and even become a habit of eating culture. In Thailand, crispy fish skin are made mostly from salmon or sea bass skin, ..
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Name in Thai: มะม่วงฟริซดราย Brand: 14 Brands
Naturally sweet with a bit of sour in taste, mango is a tropical fruit with soft juicy texture to offer delicious flavor. The freeze dried version is crispy by nature, yet still have the nutrients just as the fresh ones would offer.  So it allows you to get this healthy-fruit-turned-snack all y..
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Name in Thai: มันฝรั่งแผ่น Brand: 12 Brands
Thailand's Crispy Potato Chips with Wide Arrays of Flavors.Potato chips are an anchor snacks you always find in any supermarket or convenient store. With wide range of flavors from classics like Original, Salt, Japanese Seaweed and BBQ, Seafood, Thai Taste. or flavors you never thought possible from..
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Name in Thai: สาหร่ายม้วนปรุงรส Brand: 8 Brands
Flavored Crispy Seaweed Roll from Thai BrandsRich in health benefits, rolled  seaweed snacks can be made by frying or grilling method, and mixed with seasoning and spices for variations of flavored to enjoy. Seaweed is low in fat but rich in soluble fiber and minerals. It's also a great source ..
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Name in Thai: มันม่วงอบ/ทอดกรอบ Brand: 10 Brands
Crispy Sweet Potato Chips from ThailandHealthy baked sweet potato chips are  crisp and delicious snack.  prepared by frying or baking, or both. With various seasoning, they are salty-sweet, crunchy and spicy in different flavors. Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Moreover,..
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