Delavie Nano Whitening Day & Night Cream

Delavie Nano Whitening Day & Night Cream

With quality natural ingredients imported from Korea and Switzerland, Delavie Nano Whitening Day & Night cream is all in one day and night cream with whitening effect and to help reduce freckles and dark spots.  Natural extracts. Free of hazardous chemicals. 

Facial cream which full of natural extract from Korea and Switzerland
All key ingredients help in
-moisturizing and shining skin
-firming, lift and elastic skin
-brightening, whitening and smoothing skin
-nourishing cell skin which encourage blood circulation
-gentle chemical peeling
Also no chemical ingredient which will harmful to the skin
Our facial cream has been invented and developed from modern laboratory and development team
Our product manufactured by process from standard factory where has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Thai FDA Certificate

Key ingredients:
1. Nano-white : is a combination of Lecithin, Arbutin, Linolenic Acid, Tocophenyl Acetate, Ascorbic Palmitate and Glutathione. All of these are contained in Liposome which protect all ingredients to penetrate them deep into the skin. Nano-white also full of Antioxidants which reduce melanin pigment and enzyme tyrosinase. It also reduces freckles and wrinkles. ( Imported from Switzerland )
2. Pink flower complex : is flower extract as Cherry blossom, Camellia and Lotus flower. It increases nutrients to the skin to enhance smoothen and moisturizing skin. It also reduces under eyes dark circle ( Imported from Korea )
3. Jeju citrus AHA : is Tangerine from Jeju Island, Korea with fermentation process by Lactic acid bacteria. It has natural AHA more than 20%. It is helping in chemical peeling for brightening and moisturizing skin (Imported from Korea)
4. Green tea flower : Green tea flower extract enhance moisturizing skin and brightening skin (Imported from Korea)
5. Yuzu extract : is activating of collagen formation and Hyaluronic Acid in skin. The skin will turning to be firm, soft and elastic. It help the skin to be brightening and smoothing. It also nurturing and rebuilding cells skin with fast and gentle. (Imported from Korea)
6. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) : is encourage blood circulation cause healthily and brightening skin. It also activate of collagen formation in skin which causes natural smoothen skin. (Imported from India)

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