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Crispy Rice Crust

Crispy Rice Crust
Crispy Rice Crust
Crispy Rice Crust
Crispy Rice Crust

Delicious Crispy Rice Crust or 'Kao Tang' from Thailand.

Crispy rice crust left at the bottom of the pan or pot is delicacy crown in many rice-eating cultures around the world including Thai. Because of its crunchy texture and naturally toasted flavour, it's worth saving and to most people considered the best part of their rice cooking.

Every cuisine that uses rice has a name for this treasured portion.  Spanish calls it as Socarrat;  Koreans Nurungji; Senegalese xoon; Dominicans con con, Iran tah-dig; and for Thai, we call it "Kao Tang".

Kao Tang has been around in Thai traditionally as an appetizer where you can enjoy it with dipping made with minced pork and shrimp mixed with garlic and onion.  But nowadays, it's more commonly seen and regard as a snack, thanks to the highly competitiveness in Thai food industry. So now you can easily enjoy it in a variety of toppings and flavors such as dried shredded pork, cereal and grain. It's one of the healthy snacks with advantages of convenience to grab some bites on the go. 

Product Advantages The traditional Thai rice crust is so good with dipping sauce made from garlic and onion with minced pork and shrimp. But this unique sauce is not so easy find in the fresh nor street market. Thai rice crust, therefore, has been developed as a snack presenting with flavorful topping on the golden rice bite-sized crisp that contains health benefits.
Crispy Rice Crust
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