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Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Coconut Oil Body Lotion
Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut oil natural from Thailand
Available for retail and wholesale. Exporting both domestically and internationally.

                Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut oil. 100% natural from Thailand. Available for retail and wholesale. Exporting both domestically and internationally. Made from natural coconut oil Properties of Vitamin E from Natural Coconut Oil Helps restore dry skin. Suitable for all skin types Can be used every day. And can be used for relaxing muscles, aromatherapy, massage to moisturize. Vitamin E in coconut oil Can be used as a sunscreen as well. And not sticky.

 Skin Care  with coconut oil ..
- The skin is white, soft, moist  and wrinkle-free. Look younger
- Coconut Oil help to restore you skin care
- Coconut oil is safe for baby skin
- Protects skin from pollution and protects skin from sunlight.
- Make skin moist with natural vitamins.
- Use water droplets to moisturize your  skin.
- Smoothest  your skin with natural vitamin E.

Coconut Body Lotion ( 150 ml. )
Coconut Body Lotion contains organic cold pressed coconut oil and infused with the scent of fresh coconut, which leaves skin feeling nourished, long-lasting hydration, and leads to younger looking skin. Also protects the skin from sunburns and air pollution damage.
Directions for use: Daily apply the lotion all over body after shower or apply during the day to moisturize your skin.
Coconut Oil Body Lotion
  • Offered by: Brand Owner
  • Brand: Suptaveepaisan Oil
  • Shelf Life: 2 year
  • Standards: GMP
  • 1 Wholesale Unit: 24 bottles x 200 ml
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