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Freeze Dried Durian from Thailand

Freeze Dried Durian from Thailand

Freeze Dried Durian with glutinous rice offering combination of crunchy Durian and sticky rice in one bite. Must try for Durian lover. Perfect snack for all occasions.  Get durian with sticky rice freeze dried from many qualified Thai suppliers. Offering in Wholesale price. Contact Now!

ThaibyNature manage qualified Thai suppliers and shipment for you.

  • Deal with multiple suppliers and work on many products for more convenince and reduce shipping cost
  • Collect product samples and send you in one shipment
  • Remove language barriers and speed up the process
  • Inspect product quality and standards
  • Help with product sourcing and better communicate with Thai suppliers

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Freeze Dried Durian from Thailand
  • Offered by: Brand Owner
  • Brand: Bangkok Fruit
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Standards: Thai FDA
  • 1 Wholesale Unit: 12 pcs x 50 g
Product Views: 236
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