FOS Detox - WellUpTM FOS Detox Apple Flavor

FOS Detox - WellUpTM FOS Detox Apple Flavor

Product: WellUpTM FOS Detox Apple Flavo

Prebiotic Dietary Supplement for colon and body detoxification - Fox Detox Apple Flavor. Balancing your way of living by the modern sciences and desirable art of life.

FOS Prebiotic Dietary Supplement doesn't force your colon to work horribly and to release all undesirable waste rested in colon out of your body in the rush. FOS Prebiotic Dietary Supplement will not cause extreme stomachache before toilette time. But this is a holistic and natural detoxification. Our product will not only help your body get detoxified, but also balance the entire body system. Just take FOS Prebiotic Dietary Supplement at least 3-5 days, continuously. Gradually, your health will be naturally and visibly enhanced. You will feel its outcome, such as:

✔ Your excretory system will be visibly enhanced within one day.

✔ Your digestion system will be enhanced within one day.

✔ The smell of you passing gas will be weaker.

✔ Your excretory system will be naturally balanced within 3 days.

✔ The bad breath and bad body odor will be weaker and lesser within 7 days.

✔ Your skin will be brightening up within 14 days.

✔ Blood circulation system in your body will be cleansed within 14 days.

Ingredients: Highly concentrated from grains, cereals and other 8 vitamins

1. Oligofructose

2. Phyllium Husk

3. Beta Glucan From Oat Fiber

4. Garcinia Extract

5. Konjac Powder

6. Vitamins

7. Apple Powder

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