Low Sugar Powdered Milk Tablet

Low Sugar Powdered Milk Tablet

1 Carton:  100 packs x  25 g

Shelf Life: 20 months 

Ingredients: Milk powder 80%, sugar 12%, Maltodextrin 8%

About the Product:

Our powdered milk tablets are teased with a little sweetness and high calcium. Other brands pride their unique trait in a strong sense of sweetness that does not urge much appetite. On the other end of the kitchen, our recipe lessens the amount of sugar, which extend your appetite. Produced in Thailand, our package is designed to favor people of all ages including children, women, office workers, and those who have a long schedule of work.

Product Highlights: 

  • Powdered milk tablet with low sugar and high calcium.
  • Suitable for all age groups.

Standards:  Thai FDA, GMP, HACCP

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  • Shelf Life: 20 months
  • Standard: Thai FDA, GMP, HACCP
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