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Grade A Mackerel Fish

Premium Grade. Large Size.

Sales Agent Wanted

Mackerel Grade 4/6 large loin meat, soaked in brine at a set time. A little salty, not very salty, i..

$5.62 Ex Tax: $5.62

Original Steamed Mackerel Fish

For Fresh Steamed Mackerel Lovers

This mackerel fish is netted from the ocean. Only clean healthy fishes with the finest quality are f..

$51.70 Ex Tax: $51.70

Ready to Eat Steam Blue Crab Meat with Seafood Sauce

Fresh from Thai Sea

Sales Agent Wanted

Product: Steam Blue crab meat ready to eat with Seafood Sauce..

$15.61 Ex Tax: $15.61

Tasty Squid Snack

Flavorful with Little Spicy

Enjoy the real squid flavor for its spicy taste and munchy texture...

$10.93 Ex Tax: $10.93

Yakuza Crispy Fish Skin

Quality Skin Fish & Ingredients

Made from quality ingredients, Yakuza Crispy Fish Skin delivers the flavor of the sea offering in la..

$46.83 Ex Tax: $46.83