Thank You, Mineral Alkaline Water pH8.5

Thank You, Mineral Alkaline Water pH8.5

Mineral Alkaline Drinking Water pH 8.5

  • Micro Cluster Water Molecule by Electromagnetic Technology
  • Selected Useful Mineral
  • Faster nutrient absorption
  • Able to boil with no slag
1. Location
Looking for Sales Agent or Distributor in Asia, Middle East
2. Qualifications
Have at least a few years experiences in related business Yes
Sales Agents with NO related experiences are also welcome Yes
Have customer base which might be the target Yes
3. Expectations
Approach customers and close sales Yes
4. Financial Benefits
Commission for Sales Agent 10-25%
3. Other Supports & Incentives
Free product sample Yes
Sales advice can be provided Yes
Exclusive right can be granted Yes
Bonus commission if reach sale target Yes
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  • Business Type: Brand Owner
  • Business Name: Natural Beverage
  • Standard: GMP, HACCP
  • Sole Distributor WantedNOW !
  • Price Below Per 1 carton: 24 bottles x 500 ml
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $14.99
  • Ex Tax: $14.99

Seller information

  • Natural Beverage

  • Thailand
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