2CO Coconut Juice Mixed with Coconut Milk. Delicious Natural Taste

PREMIUM 2CO Coconut Juice Mixed with Coconut Milk. Delicious Natural Taste

2CO Coconut Juice is produced to give the maximum benefits of coconut juice. It's mixed of 90%  all-natural coconut juice and 10% natural coconut milk to create  the healthy juice of its kind.

Highlights for 2CO Juice: 

  • 2CO Coconut Juice contains natural minerals. Ideal for those who are dehydrated or athletes.
  • 2CO Coconut Juice contains natural calcium which is good for bones and teeth. 
  • 2CO Coconut Juice is rich in nutrients and vitamins with many health benefits.
  • 2CO Coconut Juice has natural flavor. 
  • 2CO Coconut Juice has no cholesterol
  • Coconut water 2CO contains fat that is beneficial to the body

How to drink 2CO:

1. Cold Juice Beverage.  Just shake before drinking for a delicious taste. 

2. Drink as a hot beverage by microwave or get it warm hot water. 

3. Mix with other fruits

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Looking for Sales Agent or Distributor in North America, Europe, Thailand
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Commission for Sales Agent Yes
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Free product sample Yes
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  • Standard: Thai FDA, GMP, HACCP, Halal
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  • Nextbox Co., Ltd.

  • Thailand
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