Natural White Milky Skin SPF35 PA+++

Natural White Milky Skin SPF35 PA+++

Product: Natural white Milky Skin" SPF35 PA+++

YUUAKI Whitening Milky Skin is instant perfect whitening & brightening skin effect cream, offering instantly visible effects to effectively counter the bright & white milky skin naturally . Giving you immediately and progressively brightening effect and more radiant complexion.

It contains premium ingredients selected delivered from Hokkaido, JAPAN, an excellent source of natural ingredients especially Hokkaido milk Extract, Placenta Extract, various of botanical extracts ,Lavender, Rosemary leaf, Citrus lemon peel and Arbutin Plus SPF 35 PA+++  to help improve skin to appear brighter ,healthier, smoother & look youthful day by day.


  • Skin tone up whitening & brightening effect cream.
  • Instantly makes face look more white and bright naturally.
  • Long lasting Hydrating & moisturizing effect by Milk Extract, Placenta Extract & botanical extract contents.
  • It's microfine silky whitening dress particles that leave no stickiness.
  • Easy to apply, Quick absorbing and without clogging pores.
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