Ready to Cook Thai Green Curry Paste

New Ready to Cook Thai Green Curry Paste

Maephorn's Ready to cook Thai green curry paste offers original taste of Southern Thai dishes, which are a bit more spicy and tasty than those in other regions.

The curry paste is super easy to cook, by follow the instruction  you can have the meal ready in 5 minutes.

Standards:  Thai FDA, GMP  and Halal

  • NO MSG
  • NO Artificial flavor
  • NO Preservatives
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  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Business Name: Maephorn
  • Standard: Thai FDA, GMP, Halal
  • Sold in:Thailand
  • Price Below Per 1 box: 2 pcs x 4 sachets x 100 g
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  • $2.70
  • Ex Tax: $2.70

  • Maephorn

  • Thailand
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