FOS Pink Lemonade Flavor Plus L-Carnitine

FOS Pink Lemonade Flavor Plus L-Carnitine

Product: FOS Pink Lemonade Flavor Plus L-Carnitine

FOS Pink is superior to any other fiber products: 

✔ Contains fiber up to 6,500 mg to help you excrete naturally without stomachache.

✔ Provides ability in quickly fat burndown and reduction of waist, hips size also reduction of overall fat in the body.

✔ Reduces the craving for food by provide you the full feeling in your stomach.

✔ Let you get your slimming body without stressful.

✔ Enjoy the tasted of pink honey lemon

✔ delicious, easy to consume, not viscous and daily allowance

Product Highlights:

✔ Easy to consume, not viscous

✔ Contains fiber up to 6,500 mg

✔ Contains Morosil ™ that helps to burn excess fat and reduce the size of the waist

✔ Contains Apple Cider Vinegar that helps in detoxification.

✔ Contains Citrus Aurantium Extract that helps reduce the appetite.

The best of natural extracts.

► Contains Inulin Fiber up to 6,500 mg to helps you reduce sugar absorption and acts as the Super Prebiotic to help you to excrete naturally and helps maintain your body balance.

► Contains Morosil ™ that helps prevent fat accumulation and accelerate excess fat breakdown also helps reduce the size of fat tissue without exercise.

► Contains L-Carnitine that helps accelerate body fat breakdown up to more than 33% and accelerates body muscle building.

► Contains Apple cider vinegar that helps in fat burndown and adjust the balance in our body.

► Contains Citrus aurantium extract that helps reduce the appetite and accelerate fat burning.

► Contains Konjac that helps in stomach-filling and improve the excretory efficiently.

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