Natural Cocoon & Honey Soap

Natural Cocoon & Honey Soap

Product: Natural cocoon soap mixed with honey for brightening & softening facial skin.

1. Location
Looking for Sales Agent or Distributor in Asia, Europe
2. Qualifications
Sales Agents with NO related experiences are also welcome Yes
Capable of distributing products in local market Yes
Motivated and self initiated Yes
4. Financial Benefits
Commission for Sales Agent 10-30%
5. Other Supports & Incentives
Free product sample Yes
Exclusive right can be granted Yes
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  • Business Type: Small Producer
  • Business Name: PTMcocoonsoap
  • Standard: Thai FDA
  • Sold in:Thailand
  • Price Below Per 1 carton: 100 pcs x 60 g
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $135.95
  • Ex Tax: $135.95

  • PTMCocoon

  • Thailand
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