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Healing Herbal Massage Oil

100% Herbal Therapeutic Essence

1 Carton:  12 bottles x 24 mlShelf Life: 24 monthsIngredients: ELAEIS GUINE..

$27.10 Ex Tax: $27.10

Healthy Salad Dressing with Canola Oil

Low Fat, Low Cholesterol from Canola Oil

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:  12 bottles x 250 mlShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: seasoning 47%, Canol..

$36.00 Ex Tax: $36.00

Indian Gooseberry Whitening Body Lotion

For Growing Skin

Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant,  Indian Gooseberry whitening Body Lotion helps reveal growin..

$226.59 Ex Tax: $226.59

Kanta.La Silk Foundation Sunscreen SPF30

Non Sticky. UVA UVB Protection

Sole Distributor Wanted

Silky Sunscreen with imported ingredients from Australia. With UV A-U VB protection. Absor..

$190.33 Ex Tax: $190.33

LA LLUVIA Coconut Jelly Mask PREMIUM

LA LLUVIA Coconut Jelly Mask

Luxurious Thai Spa at Home

LA LLUVIA Coconut Jelly Mask 100% from natural coconut juice for skin rejuvenating. - 100% All Natur..

$120.85 Ex Tax: $120.85


LA LLUVIA 椰子果冻面膜

Luxurious Thai Spa at Home

"LA LLUVIA 椰子果冻面膜采用100%天然椰子汁,有焕肤的作用。100%天然泰国椰子汁,让你拥有泰国奢华传统家庭Spa的体验。"LA LLUVIA Coconut Jelly Mask 100..

$120.85 Ex Tax: $120.85

Mangosteen Juice with Herb Extract

Rich in Antioxidants & Nutrients

Xanberry has formulated mangosteen juice with herbs extract for remarkable health benefits. The juic..

$13.60 Ex Tax: $13.60

Mineral Spray for Mosquito & Insect Repellent

Fruity Berry Refreshing Scent 

Product:  Baby Boo is mosquito and insect repellent using mineral water imported from Japa..

$5.74 Ex Tax: $5.74

Miracle Whitening Supreme Cream

UV Protection & Intensive Serum

1 Box:  1 box x 15 gShelf Life: 24 monthsMain Ingredients: Alpha-Arbutin form Switzerland,..

$27.00 Ex Tax: $27.00

Natural Herbal and Fruity Cleansing Soap

Suitable for all skin types and ages

1 carton:  12 packs x 50 g Shelf Life: 6 months Main Ingredients:..

$37.00 Ex Tax: $37.00

Organic Butterfly Pea Pandan Tea PREMIUM

Organic Butterfly Pea Pandan Tea

100% Organic Thai Herbal Tea

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton: 30 boxes x 25 gShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Dried Butterfly..

$142.00 Ex Tax: $142.00

Pandan Coconut Oil PREMIUM

Pandan Coconut Oil

Mixed with Panda Leaves Extract

Sole Distributor Wanted

Organic cold pressed coconut oil contains panda leaves as the main ingredient to protect the skin fr..

$181.27 Ex Tax: $181.27

Pure Coconut Oil Capsules

Organic Capsules from Plant

1 Carton: 60 bottles x500 mgShelf Life: 24 monthsAbout the Product:Our cold-pressed coconu..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

Quality Cavendish Banana from Thailand

Banana & Other Thai Fruits

Product: Quality Cavendish Banana from Thailand. And we are also offering sourcing  for an..

$22.66 Ex Tax: $22.66

Tamarind Juice for Cooking

Easy to Use

Sole Distributor Wanted

Tamarind juice is an important ingredient in many Thai foods. And it's commonly used in many Thai an..

$18.13 Ex Tax: $18.13