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Sweet Potato Chips

From Premium Sweet Potato

1 Carton:  72 pcs X 40 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: sweet potato 68%;  oi..

$15.56 Ex Tax: $15.56

Seasoned Dried Anchovy BBQ Flavored

Low Calories, High Protein and Calcium

1 Carton:  24 bottles x 80 gShelf Life: 36 monthsAbout the Product:  Seasoned Anchovy BBQ ..

$25.18 Ex Tax: $25.18

Raw Cashew Nuts with Shell

Rich nutrients & Low-sodium

Shelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Cashew nut 100%About the Product:Raw cashew nuts with s..

$9.44 Ex Tax: $9.44

Monthong Durian Tablets PREMIUM

Monthong Durian Tablets

No Milk and Sugar Added.

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:  150 packs x 15 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Monthong Durian 95..

$104.13 Ex Tax: $104.13

Fried Crispy Monthong Durian

From Premium Thai Durian

1 Carton:  50 bottles x 115 g Shelf Life: 6 monthsIngredient:  Premium..

$157.34 Ex Tax: $157.34

Freeze Dried Mon Thong Durian PREMIUM

Freeze Dried Mon Thong Durian

Made from Premium Grade Ripe Durian

1 Carton:  50 bags  x 35 g.Shelf Life: 12 months About the Product:From the best sele..

$158.68 Ex Tax: $158.68

Freeze Dried Durian

Made from Premium Grade Ripe Durian

1 Carton: 25 bags x 50 g Shelf Life: 12 months About the Product: We use quality sele..

$89.91 Ex Tax: $89.91

Durian Vacuum Freeze Dried

100% Pure Durians. Freeze Dried. 

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:  10 bags x 210 gShelf Life: 12 monthsIngredient: Durians 100..

$94.73 Ex Tax: $94.73

Crispy Baked Coconut

High Nutrition. No Cholesterol

1 Carton: 72 bottles x 310 ml.Shelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Coconut 89%, Su..

$141.61 Ex Tax: $141.61

Cashew Nut Coated with Coconut Flavor

Chinese Tourist's Favorite

1 Carton:  50 packs x 200 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Cashew nut, Coconu..

$396.13 Ex Tax: $396.13

Vacuum Fried Monthong Durian in 3 Favorite Flavors.

No Cholesterol

Product: Vacuum Fried Monthong Durian, offering in 3 flavors including Butter, BBQ and Cheese.M..

$63.06 Ex Tax: $63.06

Tasty Squid Snack

Flavorful with Little Spicy

Enjoy the real squid flavor for its spicy taste and munchy texture...

$11.09 Ex Tax: $11.09

Roasted Cashew Nuts

Healthy Sweet Nuts

1 Carton:  24 jars x 120 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Cashew Nuts 99..

$136.37 Ex Tax: $136.37

Rice Chips -- Brown Rice & Wholegrain Crackers

No Oil. No Sugar. No MSG

Rice chip is a super healthy snack cracker made from brown rice, wholegrain and and cracked with NO ..

$79.23 Ex Tax: $79.23

Prize Popped Whole Grain Organic Thai Rice Snack

No MSG. No Preservatives. No Cholesterol.

Prize Popped Whole Grain Organic Thai Rice- Not Baked. Not Fried. Gluten Free. No MSG. No Preservati..

$22.82 Ex Tax: $22.82