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100% Natural Coconut Juice

Fresh & Organic. 

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton: 1 carton x 32 pcsShelf Life: 12 monthsIngredient: 100% Coconut WaterAbout t..

$53.60 Ex Tax: $53.60

Best Thai Organic Jasmine Rice from Farmer

New Rice & Easy to Cook

Product:  Organic Jasmine Rice from Surin province which is regarded as one of the best ar..

$2.72 Ex Tax: $2.72

Organic Thai Herbal Tea

No Artificial Color or Flavor

Product: Organic Thai Herbal Tea1. 100% Natural Organic from Thailand2. Blended tea from premiu..

$290.00 Ex Tax: $290.00

Organic Butterfly Pea Powder for Food Coloring

Organic Food Coloring

MOQ: 1 kg

Shelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Butterfly Pea 100% About the Product:Organic ..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

Organic Pandan Leaves Powder for Food Coloring

Food Coloring from Nature

MOQ: 1 kg

Shelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Pandan leaves powder 100% About the Product:M..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

Organic Rice Bran and Germ Powder PREMIUM

Organic Rice Bran and Germ Powder

From organic Rice, No Sugar

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton:  24 bags x 200 gramShelf Life: 8 months from manufactured date. No need to refrigerat..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $44.00

Organic Rice Maccaroni

Gluten Free

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton: 24 cans x 200 gShelf Life: 6 months Ingredients: Sang Yod Thailand Organic ..

$53.74 Ex Tax: $53.74

Organic Roselle Powder for Food Coloring

No Chemical & Safe to cook

MOQ: 1 kg

Shelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Roselle 100%About the Product:Made from 100% organ..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

Sanyao Yam

Organic Chinese Yam

MOQ: 20 cartons

Carton:  5 KgShelf Life: 3 monthsIngredients: Chinese YamAbout the Product:Famou..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50