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Teh Tarik Powder

Aroma & Strong Taste

1 Carton:  12 bags x 500 gShelf Life: 60 monthsAbout the Product:Selected the best quality..

$49.31 Ex Tax: $49.31

Rose Tea Powder

Rose Fragrance Tea

1 Carton:  12 bags x 500 gShelf Life: 60 monthsAbout the Product:Made from quality tea lea..

$85.39 Ex Tax: $85.39

Pure Boost Healthy Coffee

Prevent Dandruff and Hair Loss

1 Box: 10 sachets x 4 g.Shelf Life: 2 years Ingredients: KaffiArabica Coffee, Fiber, ..

$10.23 Ex Tax: $10.23

Jasmine Green Tea Powder

Having Scent Like Jasmine & Mild Taste

1 Carton:  12 bags x 500 gShelf Life: 60 monthsAbout the Product:Bringing the tea leaves t..

$75.87 Ex Tax: $75.87

Healthy Coffee Mixed with Germinated Brown Rice and Collagen

Germinated Brown Rice & Collagen

1 Carton: [10 sachets x 13.5 g] x 50 boxesShelf Life: 12 monthsAbout the Product:Healthy c..

$247.93 Ex Tax: $247.93

Turquoise Tea

Attractive Scent

Product: A natural blue color tea with attractive scent, made from Butterfly Pea and Sweet..

$466.93 Ex Tax: $466.93

Thai Organic Mulberry Tea Original Flavor PREMIUM

Thai Organic Mulberry Tea Original Flavor

Rich in Antioxidant. Mind Relexation.

Organic Mulberry Tea is rich in antioxidant and can help reduce sugar and cholesterol in blood. Mulb..

$136.27 Ex Tax: $136.27

Tamarind Herbal Face Scrub & Mask

Premium Herbal Spa at Home

1 Carton:  10 jars x 250 gShelf Life: 24 months Main Ingredients: Tamarind; Rice Bran Oil;..

$146.85 Ex Tax: $146.85

Summer Chill Tea

Safflower & Lavender Tea

Product: Summer Chill Tea is a yellow natural color tea made from blended Safflower and La..

$466.93 Ex Tax: $466.93

Roselle Inspired Tea

Natural Fusion Tea


Product: Roselle Inspired Tea Blended Tea / Fusion Tea made from Roselle, Jasmine, Pandan, Cinnamon ..

$456.35 Ex Tax: $456.35

Night Dreamer Tea

Blended for Better Sleep


Product: Night dreamer Tea is a yellow natural color tea blended for relax and sleep tight with..

$466.93 Ex Tax: $466.93

Mint Lover Tea

Mint & Butterfly Pea

Product: Mint Lover Tea is  a mixture of  Thai Mint, Cinnamon and Butt..

$411.98 Ex Tax: $411.98

Instant Herbal Tea with Bael and Lingzhi Mushroom Extract

GMP & HACCP Certified

Sole Distributor Wanted

Made from 100% organic, CHI V herbal tea is detoxification tea to help reduce cholesterol and blood ..

$14.10 Ex Tax: $14.10

Instant Healthy Herbal Detox Coffee Mixed

3 in 1 coffee with Herbs

Sole Distributor Wanted

This herbal cream-mixed 3 in 1 coffee is formulated for body detoxification with a number of Thai he..

$8.40 Ex Tax: $8.40

Instant Healthy Black Coffee Mixed With Inulin and Herbal Extracts

With Pineapple, Garcinia & Roselle Extract.

Sole Distributor Wanted

Herbal black coffee formulated for body detoxification using natural herbal extract with main ingred..

$8.40 Ex Tax: $8.40