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Intensive Hair Treatment

Vitamin E. ALoe Vera. Keratin.

MOQ: 1 box

1 Carton:  1,000 tubes x 15 ml Shelf Life: 24 months Main Ingredients: Propylene..

$760.00 Ex Tax: $760.00

ISSAME Lift Up Repair Plus

Soft and Growing Skin

Free Sample

Product: ISSAME Lift Up Repair Plus for soft, smooth and growing skin..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $55.00

Jackjuice - 100% Jackfruit Juice

Rich in Iron & Calcium

Product: Jackjuice is 100% natural juice made from Jackfruit, the popular and delicious Thai tropica..

$17.98 Ex Tax: $17.98

Japanese Okra, Pesticide Free with GAP Standard

Exported to Japan

Japanese Okra or ladies's fingers grew organically pesticide free with Good Agricultural Practi..

$1.36 Ex Tax: $1.36

Junyanee Lip Matte Organic

Long Lasting Color

Product: Lip matte organic with all-day lasting color, while leaves your lips stay moisturized. Guar..

$6.01 Ex Tax: $6.01

Kaffir Lime with Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Hair Detoxifying & Dandruff Prevention

1 Carton:  24 bottles x 280 mlShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: KAFFIR LIME EXTRACT, SOD..

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Low Sugar Powdered Milk Tablet

High calcium with little sweetness

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton:  100 packs x  25 gShelf Life: 20 months Ingredients: Milk powder 80%, suga..

$65.40 Ex Tax: $65.40

Macaron Solid Perfume

Long-Lasting Solid Perfume. No Alcohol.

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton: 100 boxes x 9 gShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Petrolatum, Cer..

$285.73 Ex Tax: $285.73

Mango Soft Dried from Thailand

100% Premium Soft Dried 

MOQ: 10 cartons

1 Carton:  20 bags x 210 gShelf Life: 12 monthsIngredient: Mangoes 100%About the..

$168.59 Ex Tax: $168.59

Manual Press Orange Squeezer

Aluminum-Made. Robust and Polished. 

MOQ: 1 box

1 Carton: 1 box x 12 pcsAbout the Product:Our product comes with the valve for filtering seeds ..

$96.00 Ex Tax: $96.00

Matte Lip Color

Infused with Honey and Vitamin C

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton:   25 pcs x 23 gShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: ISODODECANE, TRIMETHYL SILOXY..

$129.00 Ex Tax: $129.00

Mineral Water Pearl Cleansing Foam

Cleansing & Brightening Skin

Free Sample

Product: Mineral Water Pearl Cleansing Foam for not only deep facial cleansing, but help remove the ..

$4.83 Ex Tax: $4.83

Mint Lover Tea

Mint & Butterfly Pea

Product: Mint Lover Tea is  a mixture of  Thai Mint, Cinnamon and Butt..

$392.75 Ex Tax: $392.75

Miracle Whitening Supreme Cream

UV Protection & Intensive Serum

1 Box:  1 box x 15 gShelf Life: 24 monthsMain Ingredients: Alpha-Arbutin form Switzerland,..

$27.00 Ex Tax: $27.00

Mixed Roots Chips Delectable Blend

NO MSG, GMO, Preservatives

MOQ: 5 cartons

1 Carton:  24 bags x 50gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients:  taro, sweet potato, purpl..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00