Natural Rubber Coated Knitted Gloves

Natural Rubber Coated Knitted Gloves

1 Carton:  60 pairs x 15 g

Shelf Life: 3 months

About the Product:

Natural Rubber coated knitted gloves is made of fabric coated with Natural rubber from Thailand for multi propose usage. These anti-slip gloves prevent cut and  abrasion resistance. Ideal for heavy duty use, form rough materials handling,  farming gardening, steel machinery industry, construction. 


  • Ideal for heavy duty use
  • Anti-slip and prevent hand and finger cut

Standard: EN388

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  • Business Name: Rubber Coated Knitted Gloves 60 pairs x 15 g
  • Shelf Life: 3 months
  • Standard: EN388
  • Sold in:Thailand
  • Price Below Per 1 carton: 60 pairs x 15 g
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