Santol Spicy Sauce

Santol Spicy Sauce

1 Carton: 12 bottles x 200 g

Shelf Life: 2 months

About the Product:

Santol is a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia and also in Thailand. It contains lots of vitamins B and C, as well as energy, phosphorus and calcium. This chili sauce, which is made mainly from santol, organic chili, garlic, pepper and salt, was developed by small factory in Thailand. You can add this sauce with wonderful flavors in your favorite dishes like pizza, spaghetti, marinate meat, barbeque, grilled meat and hot pot. It is unique spicy sauce made from all natural ingredients await to fascinate the taste of your menu!

Product Highlights: 

  • All natural. No preservative.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • Low fat.
  • Free Sodium & gluten.

Standards: Thai FDA, Halal

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  • Business Name: Santol Spicy Sauce 12 x 200 g
  • Shelf Life: 2 months
  • Standard: Thai FDA, Halal
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