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Fried Fermented Fish

Thai Local Dish

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton:  30 bottles x 150 gShelf Life: 2 months Ingredients: Fishes,..

$54.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

Healthy Salad Dressing with Canola Oil

Low Fat, Low Cholesterol from Canola Oil

1 Carton:  12 bottles x 250 mlShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: seasoning 47%, Canol..

$36.00 Ex Tax: $36.00

Pork Skin Chili Paste

Chili paste made from pork skinClean, hygiene. with Thai FDA standardQuality ingredients Premium gra..

$362.54 Ex Tax: $362.54

Premium Roasted Shrimp Chilli Paste

Spicy & Delicious in One Bite

1 Carton:  6 boxes x 135 gShelf Life: 12 monthsAbout the Product:Just a tear of ..

$23.30 Ex Tax: $23.30

Quality Fermented Fish Sauce Made from Sea Fishes

Quality Ingredients. Clean.

Sales Agent Wanted

Quality Fermented Fish Sauce Made from Sea Fishes...

$7.25 Ex Tax: $7.25

Ready to Cook Pickled Fish Sauce New

Ready to Cook Pickled Fish Sauce

Super tasty ready to cook pickled fish sauce with longer shelf life. Original pickled fish flav..

$21.15 Ex Tax: $21.15

Ready to Cook Powder for Thai Spicy Salad

North Eastern Thai Style

MOQ: 10 carton

1 Carton:  100 bags x 30 gShelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Roasted Rice 4..

$35.90 Ex Tax: $35.90

Roasted Shrimp Chilli Paste

Thai Northern Dish.

MOQ: 10 cartons

1 Carton:  12 packs × 6 bags × 10 gShelf Life: 6 months Ingredients: Dried shrim..

$22.82 Ex Tax: $22.82

Southern Thai Curry Paste PREMIUM

Southern Thai Curry Paste

Original Thai & Tasty

Buy Only 1 Box, Click Here!

Southern Thai Curry pastes are very tasty and we offer a wide variety of original  flavor ..

$54.38 Ex Tax: $54.38

Spicy Stir-fried Thai Curry Paste PREMIUM

Spicy Stir-fried Thai Curry Paste

Authentic Southern Thai Curry Paste

1 กล่องกระดาษ:  [12 ซอง x 50 ก.] x 4 กล่องอายุการเก็บรักษา:  12 เดือนส่วนผสม:น้ำมัน 45% พร..

$27.46 Ex Tax: $27.46

Tamarind Juice for Cooking

Tamarind juice is an important ingredient in many Thai foods. And it's commonly used in many Thai an..

$18.13 Ex Tax: $18.13

Premium Thai seafood sauce

Premium Thai Seafood Sauce

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton:  50 bags x 10 capsules Shelf Life: 12 monthsAbout the Product:Premium and Thai s..

$34.00 Ex Tax: $34.00

Ready to Cook Spice-Paste Sauce in Northern Thai Style

Create Quick Menu in Northern Thai style

MOQ: 11 cartons

1 Carton: 80 bags x 40 g Shelf Life: 12 months Ingredients: Spices and herbs 40%; Dried Chili 45..

$210.00 Ex Tax: $210.00

Ready to Use Broth for Lao-Style Sukiyaki Soup PREMIUM

Ready to Use Broth for Lao-Style Sukiyaki Soup

 North Eastern Thai Style Sukiyaki

1 Carton:  12 pcs x 200 gShelf Life: 6 months - 12 monthsIngredients:  Chili Powder 52%; R..

$20.51 Ex Tax: $20.51

Roasted Thai Chili Paste with Salmon

Enriched with Salmon. No Preservatives.

MOQ: 1 carton

1 Carton: 24 jars x 85 gShelf Life: 12 monthsIngredients: Minced salmon 60%, Salmon 2..

$58.00 Ex Tax: $58.00