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Chicken Chilli Paste with Spicy Thai Herbs

Up to 3-4 Months Shelf Life

This delicious chilli paste is prepared from fresh chicken and scrumptious thai herbs. The taste of ..

$94.98 Ex Tax: $94.98

Chili Paste Made From Pork Skin in 3 Flavors.

Tom Yum, Mala & Spicy Flavors.

Chili Paste Made From Pork Skin in 3 Flavors. This homemade chili pastes are wondefully flavorf..

$63.32 Ex Tax: $63.32

Crispy Pork Snack Made from Pork Skin

Satisfying Crunchy

Dry and satisfying crunchy, this golden brown deep fried pork skin is easy to enjoy as it's not spic..

$15.83 Ex Tax: $15.83

Fire-Grilled Pork Jerky

Hygienic and Definitely Delicious

1 Carton: 24 packs x 1 kgShelf Life: 1 monthIngredients: Pork and SeasoningAbout..

$838.37 Ex Tax: $838.37

Frozen Cooked Octopus Ball (Takoyaki)

Ready to Eat

Product: Frozen Cooked Octopus Ball (Takoyaki)1 Frozen food, ready to eat2 warm by microwave or..

$78.60 Ex Tax: $78.60

Grade A Mackerel Fish

Premium Grade. Large Size.

Mackerel Grade 4/6 large loin meat, soaked in brine at a set time. A little salty, not very salty, i..

$5.70 Ex Tax: $5.70

Norther Eastern Thai Style Herbal Pork Sausages

Delicious and Different from Ordinary Sausage

1 Carton: 28 pcs  (approx 1 kg)Shelf Life: 3 months (frozen)Ingredients: Pork, Rice, Vermi..

$52.40 Ex Tax: $52.40

Original Steamed Mackerel Fish

For Fresh Steamed Mackerel Lovers

This mackerel fish is netted from the ocean. Only clean healthy fishes with the finest quality are f..

$52.43 Ex Tax: $52.43

Quality Eggs from Quality GAP Farm Thailand

GAP Certified Egg Farm

1 Carton: 1 pack x 22 kgShelf Life: 1 monthAbout the Product:Fresh eggs from quality farm with GAP c..

$56.59 Ex Tax: $56.59

Ready to Eat Steam Blue Crab Meat with Seafood Sauce

Fresh from Thai Sea

Product: Steam Blue crab meat ready to eat with Seafood Sauce..

$15.83 Ex Tax: $15.83


Many Different Kinds

Products: A variety sausages made from pork, chicken and seafood to choose from...

$3.17 Ex Tax: $3.17