Mushroom Chilli Paste

Mushroom Chilli Paste

1 Carton: 50 boxes x 100 g

Shelf Life: 3 months 


About the Product:

Through food processing procedures, mushroom chili paste under the brand MAMOM is specially made from high-quality Indian oyster mushroom to be delicious, hygienic, and healthy chili paste that is suitable for health enthusiasts and those who love chili paste.

There are three flavors adding to the spiciness:
1) Mushroom Super Spicy Chilli Paste for those who are fond of extreme spiciness.

2) Sawan Chilli Paste for those who prefer a little tease of sweetness with spiciness.

3) Mushroom Roasted Chilli Paste for those who love a little tease of sweetness with a little poke of spiciness.

No MSGs, flavoring agents, preservatives added. We only use rice bran oil and high-quality ingredients that will definitely guarantee an out-of-the-world ticklish sensation on your mouth.

Product Highlights: 

  • Specially made from Indian mushroom.
  • Comes with three different flavors.
  • 100% natural and tranditonal.

Standards: Thai FDA

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  • Shelf Life: 3 months 
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