Water Hyacinth Handmade Bucket Bag

Water Hyacinth Handmade Bucket Bag

1 Carton:  1 bag x 300 g

 Ingredients: Water Hyacinth 100%

About the Product:

Women with water hyacinth, our handbags are specially designed with a touch of modernity and sophistication. 

Product Highlight: 

  • Handbags made of natural materials.
  • Designs that stick with the global fashion trend.


2. Qualifications
Sales Agents with NO related experiences are also welcome Yes
Have customer base which might be the target Yes
Capable of distributing products in local market Yes
Good presentation skill Yes
3. Expectations
Approach customers and close sales Yes
Stock and distribute product Yes
4. Financial Benefits
Commission for Sales Agent 8%
5. Other Supports & Incentives
Exclusive right can be granted Yes
Bonus commission if reach sale target Yes
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  • Price Below Per 1 piece: approx 300 g
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